Last Modified Listing Feed Land for sale - Riverside Lot E, Fernie, BC Ni0yMDIwLTAzLTE2IDAyOjM2OjMy Mon, 16 Mar 2020 02:36:32 +0000 Street view of Lot E<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Zoning is R-WF LOW DENSITY RESIDENTIAL WEST FERNIE.<br> Single Detached Dwelling with Secondary Dwelling Unit 500m2 (5382ft2)<br> 2017 New plumbing & hookup to COF water, sewer, storm sewer<br> 2011 Full legal land survey<br> Lot is approx. 0.13 acres.<br> Lot dimensions:<br> Lot E: 510.75 square meter = 0.126acre (5497.67 sqft)<br> 12.984m front (12.984 meter = 42.6 feet)<br> 41.426m Lot D side (41.426 meter = 135.9 feet)<br> 36.710m Lot F side (36.71 meter = 120.4 feet)<br> 13.806m back (13.806 meter = 45.3 feet)<br> My calcutated building size: 5446 sq ft<br> 30% Coverage - (1633sqft house 54X30 or 51X32)<br> 35% Coverage - (House with decks 1906sqft) <br>I suggest you contract City Of Fernie planning to confirm your housing plans.<br>]]> 2 Bedroom House / Home For Sale Fernie, BC Mi0yMDE5LTAxLTI0IDE1OjQ1OjUw Mon, 16 Mar 2020 02:36:32 +0000 Great starter house with lots of backyard space.<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;This home is made for the new economy. Small but spacious 9ft ceilings, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, midsize dining room, full unfinished basement, deck and lots of outside space. There is 2 off street parking spots. Your own garden area and apple trees in the back yard. You are within approx. 100 meters of the Elk River, walking trails and mountain bike park. Downtown Fernie 5 blocks walk. The ski hill and golf course are 5 – 10 minutes drive. <Br><Br> <b>Fully renovated in 2004 and Maintenance and Upgrades to 2017 </b> <br> <ul> <li>2017 New plumbing & hookup to COF water, sewer, storm sewer</li> <li>2017 Electrical upgrades and inspection.</li> <li>2017 Upgrade parking area. (2 off street parking spaces)</li> <li>2011 Full legal land survey</li> <li> 2010 New stove and dishwasher</li> <li>2009 Landscaping, drainage upgrade and fully concreted basement. </li> <li>2009 New 30 year roof June 2009.</li> <li>2008 New deck and driveway.</li> <li>2004 New windows with argon gas for better insulating value</li> <li>2004 New interior and exterior doors</li> <li>2004 New bathroom fixtures, tub, shower, sinks, toilets.</li> <li>2004 New laminate floor</li> <li>2004 New energy efficient furnace</li> <li>2004 New hot water heater</li> <li>2004 New fridge, stove and dishwasher</li> </ul> Utility (gas/hydro) bills - summer approx. $50/mo - winter approx. $150/mo. <br>This is approximate estimate and is depending on your desires.<br> <br> [surveyed April 2011]<br>(Lot F zoned RWF which allows a secondary suite) <br> House sits on Lot F: Approximately 507 square meters or 0.125 acre<br>507.84001 sqmt or 0.12549 acre best calculated<br> Dimensions:<br> 9.936 front (9.936 meter = 32.598 425 197 feet)<br> 36.710 side (36.71 meter = 120.439 632 55 feet)<br> 16.847 back (16.847 meter = 55.272 309 711 feet)<br> 7.663 wedge (7.663 meter = 25.141 076 115 feet)<br> 25.270 back wedge (25.27 meter = 82.906 824 147 feet)<br> </font><br><br>Concept plan provided for 2 car garage on property. <b>Please note: This is only a online add and can be updated or corrected without notice and should only be used for general information. For any questions please contact the owner.</b><br><br> ]]> Pivotal payments Negative Review NS0yMDExLTA1LTIyIDIyOjUxOjI0 Mon, 16 Mar 2020 02:36:32 +0000 no photo]]>